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Features of PmWiki

  • Option : Parameter(s) defined in the configuration file
  • Addon : File(s) to be loaded separately!


Free software licensed under the GNU GPL
User support? On website, eg FAQ, and by mailing lists (also in German, Spanish, French)
Reviews? Favorable


Server Requirements? PHP 4.1.x minimum; can run in safe mode. See Web Hosts? and the Standalone Cookbook recipe. PM Wiki? runs with PHP 5? but you need to deactivate MM Cache? in php.ini (M Mcache? is a section in this file)
Page storage Flat files; no need for a database. Can handle thousands of pages. See Flat File Advantages?.
Upgrades? By simply copying new version files or export from the Subversion repository
Addons? There are nearly 400 Cookbook recipes.


SPAM protection By blocking words, IP addresses (option), and by limiting the quantity of non-approved URLs? (option), by encrypting the email address (addon)
Passwords? Page, group or site based, see also PasswordsAdmin?
User authentication Available as an option (AuthUser) or an addon (UserAuth).


Features at a glance? and a detailed list of Features?
Page editing Similar to others wikis. Has a button bar (PmWiki 2.0.beta16+) and Preview capability. Handles simultaneous edits?. Optional save-as-draft feature. Addon for spell checking
Page history History pages include Restore links. Configurable number of days of history.
Free links and WikiWords? WikiWord? links are an option in version 2.1. In previous releases they were enabled by default.
Intersites links? (InterMap) Configurable? by the administrator or defined in the Site.InterMap? page.
Groups? and hierarchy One level only?, handles menus and styling by groups, see Wiki architecture?
Categories? Organise and find related pages with special Category markup.
Navigation trails? Allow wiki authors to create "trails" through sequences of pages in the wiki.
Search tools Search the entire site or the current group. Administrator may exclude pages from appearing in search results. Pre-defined searches are also available.
Email-notification? of revised pages Option, by admin, site based
Web Feeds Optional RSS, Atom, and Dublin Core syndication feeds as well as feed links to enable autodiscovery of the feeds
Podcasting Web feed enclosures are supported.
International versions? See Other languages. Handles accented characters and UTF-8.
Page renaming addon
Site Map Available via the pagelists? directive.
Backlinks Available since version 2.0.beta33


Skins By admin, can be table or CSS based, addon for switching by users and interactive configuration
Layout modifications? By admin? and by user, see group headers?
Printable layout Suppress menu, make link list and miscellaneous reformatting
Style? and custom markup?
Tables Tables and Table Directives
Table Edit Addon - table editor
Page table of contents Addon - see also numbered headers
Inclusion? in page Of others page (part or complete)
Anchors? In same or other page
User uploaded attachments Option to set?
Images resizing and galleries By addons, see also the category images
Forms Forms may be embedded in wiki pages.
In browser drawing edit By addon, need java enabled on browser.
User preferences Option. See also the SkinChange add-on.

HTML details

Handles HTML meta informations Keywords? (site, group or page based), automatic noindex, nofollow for utility pages
HTML compatibility XHTML 1.0 transitional, may differ for miscellaneous skins
allow embedding of html in wiki pages Cookbook:enable HTML
Browser caching? Option
Nice URLs? See also $EnablePathInfo in Layout Variables?
Hide e-mail addresses? Addon

Miscellaneous addons

Calendar Each date becomes a wiki page. There are two possible implementations: WikiCalendar and PmCalendar
Latex in Wiki?
Publish trails
Forum There are 2 addons: Forum and SimpleForum
For the full list ... See the Cookbook recipes.

Administration details

Wiki farms? To have multiple wikis with a single installation of the wiki engine
Missing and orphan pages search? Option - You can also list orphan and missing attachments (addon)
Handling of features requests and bug reports

Lacking (yet)

allow php scripts inside wiki like gunther.sf.net does - nah, too much of a security issue. A recipe for that is easy to implement... but who would be crazy enough to do it? ;)
Publish as static pages Available as Cookbook recipe Cookbook.StaticPages?
E-mail notification by page Easy: just enable the MailPosts? in the local/config of the page(s) you want to monitor.

Elements which are not listed as features and are a strength of Pm Wiki :

  • Small code base (under 2 MB)
  • Many parameters are handled by pages, without having the need to open system files, which greatly helps the Wiki administration.
  • While there is only one major developer, there is a very active community and most addons are from independent people.

Add a new feature you would like to see in Pm Wiki as a new PITS? entry marked Feature Request, or use one of the mailing lists? to brainstorm new features.


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